Tips for Passing the Driving test at Merrylands NSW 2160

driving test merrylands

How can I pass the NSW driving test?

Tips For Passing Driving Test at Merrylands RMS - Test route

    • You must ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the test. Your vehicle should be registered legally. The tyres have to be in good thread shape and well inflated. All of the lights and other controls, including the break lights, warning lights, indicators, and windshield wipers, must be operational.

Merrylands Ps Test

  • It should not block your view if the windshield is clean and free of cracks. The testing officers will determine if your vehicle is prepared for the test before the real driving portion of the test begins. Your exam will be canceled if it doesn’t meet the necessary standards.
  • When a car is in front of you, always attempt to keep a safe distance of three seconds. Depending on the weather and the road conditions, you might need to widen this space. In no case should you go beyond the posted speed limit.
Training on actual test route
  • We use the Merrylands Service NSW test route for your test drive; you are assessed on your driving skills and provided with a score indicating whether you are ready for your licence.
  • In order to avoid hitting any cars that may be “running” the red light or pedestrians who are crossing in front of the “don’t walk” sign, you must swivel your head when the light turns green and glance to the left and right. Always look both ways before making a turn to avoid hitting any oncoming vehicles.
  • We take you to Merrylands driving test route Map to get more idea about traffic lights and other intersections to more familiar with.
  • At Red traffic lights and STOP Signs, smoothly come to a stop one meter in front of the line. At stop signs, however, you are permitted to cross the line if your visibility is limited as long as you first totally stop before the line.
Merrylands Service Centre Location
  • Merrylands Service Centre is located at Stockland Merrylands, Level 2, 1 Pitt St, Merrylands NSW, 2160
  • Before changing your speed or position, check your mirrors and behind your back.
  • Even for left and right turns, make sure you perform your shoulder checks (blind spot) before any Manoeuvres. You should align your chin with your shoulder.
  • Keep an eye out for school zones, pedestrians, and children crossing the street; you’ll be required to drive safely and in accordance with the rules of NSW.
  • Everyone is different in how nervous affects them, especially test administrators. Test administrators are not there to add to the strain you already feel. Remember the proverb “You can’t change the past,” therefore if you make a mistake, try not to think about it too much. We are aware that this is easier said than done, yet some students end up making more mistakes because they are preoccupied with one small mistake rather than the rest of the exam. Don’t be anxious; instead, proceed calmly and boldly! Everything else will fall into place if you consistently drive safely and follow the laws of the road.
Tips for Passing the Driving test at Merrylands NSW 2160
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