Pre-Test Assessment

Pre-Test Driving Assessment – How Can It Help? 

Pre-Test Driving Assessment can be fruitful for most learner drivers or drivers who are headed toward passing the driving test. This assessment can help you assess your driving skills, drawbacks in driving and the areas that you need particularly focus on to ace every driving skill required to successfully pass the driving tests and acquire the Australian Driving License. 

Book Your Pre-Test Driving Assessment from the Best Driving Instructors 

At Sajid Driving School, we conduct a trial test experience that will resemble the exact driving test you will be undergoing to get your driving license. We do it using sample test routes from your chosen driving test location. We score your drive using the Testing Officers Manual and provide you with feedback on areas for further development before undertaking your driving test.

Best Driving Instructors 

The Pre-Test Driving Assessment or mock-driving test can help you feel more comfortable as well as confident during the driving test by familiarising you with the entire process and giving you the time to develop skills that you are falling behind. We recommend a 1.5 hr Pre-Test assessment to achieve this Goal.

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