Beginners or First time Driving Lessons in North Parramatta

Sajid Driving School North Parramatta offers the Best and most affordable Driving lessons in North Parramatta for beginners or first-time learners driving in Australia.

Our instructor will make your lessons easy and informative, with the best explanation and good techniques. First-time learners are always nervous and make mistakes we encourage learners to learn from their mistakes and create a fun environment to reduce their nervousness.

Driving Test in North Parramatta NSW

Our Instructor will help you to get your Red P or convert your overseas licence to NSW full driving licence.

Following the below steps will help you to get NSW licence quickly:

  • First, pass your DKT (Driving Knowledge Test) @RMS (Book with rms website.
  • Pass HPT Test once you finish 120 hrs on your logbook
  • Overseas Conversion : You need to verify your overseas licence with RMS (Get a varication or authorisation letter from the issuing country)
  • Book your Driving test at the nearest Driving test centre like Silverwater, Merrylands , Blacktown, St Mary’s , Lidcombe.
  • Book our Test package we will start practice.
parramatta driving school
parramatta driving school

Pre – Test assessment

Our 1.5 hr Pre-Test Assessment includes Real Test route Practice with Kerb Stop, Parking, 3Point Turn also Provide Mark Sheet with your score so you get an idea are you ready or not ready for your driving test.

This Pre-Test Assessment is designed for learners who are going for a driving test.

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