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  • Embarking on the journey of learning to drive is a transformative experience, and Binita’s story is a testament to the triumphs and joys that come with mastering the art of driving. From navigating the basics to proudly earning her Red P, every twist and turn in Binita’s driving journey has a tale of growth and accomplishment.The Beginning: Learning from ScratchBinita’s driving odyssey kicked off when she obtained her L license, […]
  •  G'day, road warriors! Today, we bring you a tale of rapid triumph as Dharmendra, hailing from the vibrant streets of Gujarat, India, seamlessly converted his overseas license to a full NSW license within a mere six months of arriving Down Under. And here's the cherry on top – he aced the conversion at his first attempt, all thanks to the exceptional training from Sajid Driving School in Merrylands. NSW's New […]
  •  Hey, fellow road enthusiasts! Today, I bring you a tale of triumph, perseverance, and the sweet taste of success as our friend Kenrick breezed through his driving test at the St. Mary's Driving Test Centre on his very first attempt, thanks to the expert guidance of Sajid Driving School.The Road to SuccessWe all know that obtaining a driver's license is a significant milestone in one's life, and for Kenrick, it […]
  •  Congratulations ! You did it Rinku ! Sending you all my best and a big well done on passing your driving test at First Attempt.You got your Red P (p1) licence at first attempt!!! Enjoy the freedom Driving brings and happy motoring! Don’t forget to drive responsible and be safe on road. Learn safe & low risk driving with SAJID Driving school, Silverwater, Blacktown , parramatta, Westmead, Merrylands, St Mary's   visit us […]
  • We provide Best service in Merrylands as below :1.   Red – P Test (P1 licence – convert L to P) 2.  Overseas Licence Conversion in Merrylands   To Get your Red – PFirst Pass your DKT at RMS and obtain learners licence Secondly Finish your 120 Hrs in to log book – we can help you to complete your logbook with instructor 1 lesson = 3Hr in your log book.Book your HPT […]
Blogger Post about Sajid Driving school
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