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Sajid Driving is the best driving school in Silverwater. Our Driving lessons are the most affordable and best quality in silverwater RMS. We have designed the cheapest Driving Test Package and Driving lessons in Silverwater. Our Driving instructor in Silverwater will Prepare you for the driving test.

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Driving Test in Silverwater

Our Instructor will help you to get your Red P or convert your overseas licence to NSW full driving licence.

Converting your overseas driver’s licence to an Australian NSW licence in Silverwater is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the conversion:

  1. Check Eligibility:Before starting the process, make sure you are eligible for license conversion. Eligibility criteria can depend on factors such as visa status, country of origin, and the type of license you hold.
  2. Gather Required Documents:Before starting the process, make sure you are eligible for license conversion. Eligibility criteria can depend on factors such as visa status, country of origin, and the type of license you hold.
    -Your current overseas driver’s license (in English or with a certified English translation)
    -Passport and visa documents
    -Proof of residence (utility bills, lease agreement, etc.)
    -Evidence of your visa status and eligibility to drive in Australia
  3. Visit Service NSW Center Near you :Head to the nearest Service NSW center in Silverwater. You can find the location on the official Service NSW website or by calling their helpline.
  4. Complete Application Form:Obtain and fill out the application form for converting your overseas license to an Australian NSW license. You can usually find this form at the Service NSW center or download it from their website.
  5. Provide Proof of Identity:Present your proof of identity, residency, and visa status at the Service NSW center. Ensure that your documents are valid and up-to-date.
  6. Take the Driving Knowledge Test :Depending on your country of origin, you may need to take a knowledge test. Study the road rules and regulations in NSW to prepare for this test.
  7. Complete Practical Driving Test (if required):In some cases, a practical driving test may be necessary. If applicable, practice your driving skills and familiarize yourself with local road conditions.
  8. Receive Your NSW License:Once you’ve successfully completed all requirements, you will be issued an Australian NSW driver’s license.
Asad baluch
Asad baluch
16. May, 2024
Perfect result
Ayesha Sharif
Ayesha Sharif
16. May, 2024
I had a great experience with Sajid. He was patient, knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease. The lessons were comprehensive and well-structured, and I passed my test with 100% result. I highly recommend this school for their professionalism, support, and effective teaching. Five stars!!!!
Asfand Yar
Asfand Yar
13. May, 2024
excellent experience with sajjid driving school passed my test
Niraj Pokharel
Niraj Pokharel
26. April, 2024
Very professional and diligent instructor, helped me get my full licence on the very first attempt. Many Thanks Sajid bhai.
Saurav Goyat
Saurav Goyat
17. April, 2024
It was great experience with Sajid driving school. He give best guidance with the help of them I passed my test in first attempt.
Yamin Nge
Yamin Nge
3. April, 2024
Sajid is a very detailed oriented and patient teacher. I passed my driving test on the first try. Sajid really knows how to teach and gives great tips with understanding. I truly recommend Sajid!
Amit Sati
Amit Sati
29. March, 2024
Sajid is an excellent and experienced instructor. His teaching method is simple and effective not just to get the license at first go but also to develop learning for real world driving. Sajid helped me to convert my international driving license to Australian unrestricted license very swiftly. I highly recommend Sajid to all new learners as well.
Lekshmy Aravind
Lekshmy Aravind
26. March, 2024
Highly recommend Sajid Driving School.His patience, clear instructions, and expert guidance made learning to drive a smooth and enjoyable experience. He instilled confidence in me, ensuring I was well-prepared for my driving test. Thanks to his dedication and expertise, I passed with flying colours. Thank you, Sajid Sir.
Pukar Aryal
Pukar Aryal
21. March, 2024
Sajid guided me to correct all my driving faults and helped me get an Australian licence. He is a wonderful mentor. Book a driving lesson with him and feel the difference.
15. March, 2024
Sajid is a very professional instructor who will guide you to success for your Red P’s. Highly recommend Sajid driving school.

Our Driving instructor Silverwater also covers the surrounding suburbs :



North Parramatta

Harris Park

Mays hill









Pendle hill


How much does it cost to go to a driving school in NSW Australia?

The cost of driving lessons in NSW Australia ranges from $55 to $90 per hour, varying based on the city or suburb you’re from. We’d say the sweet spot of value for money vs quality sits in the range of $60 – $75 per hour.

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